Water softener
Skillful Water Softener System Installations
Is hard water destroying your clothing, hair or your plumbing fixtures? Take control of your hard water situation with a water softener installation by the experts with 80 years of combined experience at Ecowater Systems Loves Park.

For your convenience, we have many payment options available for your new water softener, drinking water or bottled water cooler system installations.
  • Rent
  • Lease
  • Purchase
  • Financing available with approved credit
Get in touch with Cindy today for your FREE water analysis or to learn more about our financing options.

Ecowater Systems Water Refiner

Did you know that your local municipality uses chlorine to remove bacteria from your city's water supply? If you smell chlorine when you take a shower or if your drinking water has a strange taste, it's time for an Ecowater Systems water refiner installation from Ecowater Systems Love Park.

At Ecowater, we can provide you with an eco-friendly water filtration system that is specifically designed to remove minerals, chlorine, and other sediments from your city's drinking water.

We add a layer of coconut shell carbon to your hard water treatment system which removes the taste and smell of chlorine in your water, so you don't have to spend extra money on a separate carbon system and subsequent filter changes.

Manage Your System With HydroLink Technology

Now you can easily manage your Ecowater refiner system with our easy-to-use HydroLink technology. This feature comes with a convenient remote which displays everything you need to know to keep your new Ecowater refiner running smoothly.
  • Water usage information to manage water consumption
  • System salt level
  • Number of days you have until salt is needed
  • Gallons of capacity before the next regeneration
  • Notice if the system needs to be serviced
  • Amount of hardness removed from your water
  • Confirmation that the system is working properly
Water softener

Available Water Softener Models

As the only authorized Ecowater systems dealer in the area, you can trust that all the latest water softener models will be available to you.
  • ECR3700
  • ECR3702 
  • ESD2700
  • ESD2702
  • EEC 1502
  • Ecowater Evolution system
  • Commercial models
  • Industrial models
Since we complete our own installations and service repairs, you can get the most out of our one-stop water supply shop.
Water softener
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If you have any problems with
your water, contact Ecowater Systems Loves Park today. We service and repair most makes and models of water softeners and drinking water systems.
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